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Doron Diamonds deals in Rough and Polished Diamonds as well as Diamond Jewellery. Rough Diamonds are purchased and manufactured (polished) at our own factory so everything is kept in-house. Polished Diamonds  and Jewellery are sold to Jewellers and Dealers only. We can assist in designing Jewellery and have affiliated manufacturing jewellers that are artisans and will create the perfect piece for your customer. We are also proud to offer a photography service with particular specialization in rough diamonds. We are licensed by the South African Diamond and Precious Metals Regulator to Deal in as well as Manufacture Rough Diamonds. We are Members of the Diamond Dealers Club as well as the World Federation of Diamond Bourses. Doron Diamonds markets to all customers from wholesale to end users. Doron Diamonds abides by the Kimberley process and does not deal in conflict diamonds. Doron Diamonds also supports BEE and is proud to have an empowerment partner as one of its members. Contact us today, It’s your choice.


Address: Suite 504 Jewel City, 225 Main Str, Johannesburg    Tel: +27 11 334 7228   Fax: +27 86 577 7718